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We want to make these USS Rankin souvenirs readily available to anyone who wants them, so we try to keep the prices as low as possible. Send your orders to The USS Rankin Association, c/o Louis "Skip" Sander, 153 Mayer Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. We will ship your order immediately by return mail.

CLICK HERE to download a printable order form.

These new hats are adjustable to any size, and feature an embroidered image taken from an actual photo of the Rankin. They're $15 each, plus $5 for shipping and handling of any number of hats. ($20 for one hat, $35 for two, $50 for three, etc.) For those who served in 1969 and after, we can get custom-made hats with the LKA-103 designation; please inquire about price and availability.  

Shipmate Directories
We are now able to print customized directories of all the people who were aboard the Rankin during the years you were aboard. These are extremely nice booklets, with clear plastic covers and a color image of the ship's logo. They include contact information for the people that we have found.
We send these directories at no charge to anyone who  has confirmed their membership information on one of our Registration Forms, or who is a relative of a deceased former shipmate. If you don't have your own copy yet, or if you need a new one, just send us email and let us know what you need.
These very nice screen-printed shirts are custom printed for us by They are available in various sizes, depending on the item. The rings on the Ringer T are available in several colors. Click on the image of any shirt to get more information about it. Please order directly from CafePress.
Ash Gray T-Shirt

Golf Shirt
Ringer T
White T-Shirt
Organic Cotton Tee
Value T-Shirt
Reunion DVD
We have a professional-grade 15-minute DVD with 150 photos of the San Diego reunion and 40 of the Norfolk reunion, including animated views of many. You can also download many of the photos in PDF form. Click Here for more information.

WWII Rankin Book
From Normandy to Okinawa, by John H. Linner M.D., is a Rankin medical officer's diary and overview of World War II. This 269-page book includes 30 pages of photographs and 65 pages of Dr Linner's daily diary entries on the Rankin. Covering the period from February 6 to December 9, 1945, the diary entries deal with everything that happened aboard, as well as the good doctor's activities in various liberty ports. It's fascinating reading for anyone who ever served aboard the ship, or for anyone interested in World War II.

The book costs $25, and can be ordered from John Linner, 5040 Malibu Drive, Edina, MN 55436.
USS Rankin New Year's Logs, 1946-1971
Navy tradition says that the first Deck Log entry of the new year may be written in verse, and many Rankin watchstanders honored that tradition. We've collected all of the ship's New Year's log entries and put them together in a stunning 30-page book. Most of the verse entries are clever and well done, and a few rise to the level of real poetry. You can download a .PDF version of the book by clicking here then saving the file, or you can send us $6 and we'll mail you a bound copy printed on special paper.
You can order this beautiful 8"x14" print, framed or unframed, directly from famous naval artist George Bieda. Click Here for more information.

You can order 8x10 inch glossy photographic prints of the pictures below, mailed directly from our photo lab to any U.S. address. Each print is $6.00. Allow two weeks for delivery.

We can also make prints of any other photo on this web site. Other sizes are available at very reasonable prices. Let us know what you want, and we'll let you know how much it will cost.
#1 - 1945, Entering San Francisco - $6.00
#2 - 1952, San Francisco - $6.00

#3 - 1952, San Francisco - $6.00
#4 - 1952, San Francisco - $6.00
#5 - 1953, Underway - $6.00
#6 - 1957, Marseilles - $6.00
#7 - 1964, Chesapeake Bay (color) - $6.00

#8 - 1968, Underway - $6.00
This is a reproduction of a 1945 pen and ink drawing of the Rankin. The original is about 10"x16", but we can print it in any size.
#9 - Date Unknown (probably 1945) - $6.00

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