USS Rankin (AKA-103)
Previous Changes to This Web Site


12/28/14 Added Newsletter #23
12/5/14 Added reunion dates
10/18/14 Added preliminary information about the 2015 reunion in Nashville
10/17/14 Added Rhode Island reunion recap
8/21/14 Added Newsletter #22
7/1/14 Activated Lottery Pool #28 as the current pool
4/1/14 Activated Lottery Pool #27 as the current pool
3/15/14 Added Rhode Island reunion material
1/15/14 Added 1967 Amphibious  Training Film
1/1/14 Activated Lottery Pool #26 as the current pool


12/13 Updated the 2013 reunion page
11/22/13 Reformatted images on Reunion pages; updated 2012 reunion page
9/30/13 Made Lottery #25 the lottery subdirectory homepage
6/30/13 Moved all lottery pages to the 'lottery' subdirectory
5/1/13 Added 1954 Gibraltar Photos
4/1/13 Activated Lottery Pool #23 as the current pool
1/30/13 Added a page for the 2013 reunion
1/1/13 Activated Lottery Pool #22 as the current pool


12/13/12 Updated Newsletters
11/21/12 Culled dead links from Other Interesting Stuff
11/21/12 Fixed table borders on pages reached from Home. Updated Ship's Store page
10/2/12 Activated Lottery Pool #21 as the current pool
7/2/12 Activated Lottery Pool #20 as the current pool
5/17/12 Added hotel and transportation information for 2012 reunion
5/1/12 Activated Lottery Pool #19 as the current lottery
3/19/12 Put comprehensive navigation tools into "Other Photos" pages
3/18/12 Polished reunion pages, put photo strips at their tops
3/13/12 Added 2011 Memory Book and announcement of New Orleans reunion
2/26/12 - 3/4/12  Organized, improved, and expanded  the reunion pages  
2/25/12  Modified home page to show cleaner links, hopefully without confusing anybody
2/23/12 Cleaned up Home page and vetted links on "50 Years of AKAs" and its branches. Polished reunion pages.
2/22/12 Vetted links on the items under "About the ship..." and their branches
2/21/12 Added reunion material for 2004-2007, tweaked home page
2/19/12 Added reunion material for 2008, 2009, 2011
2/2/12 Updated statistics for past lottery pools
2/1/12 Activated Lottery Pool #18 as the current lottery, added new Ports of Call
1/31/12 Added new Ports of Call
1/29/12 Updated all links on 'Ports of Call' page to Wikipedia links
1/29/12 Updated 'Her Officers' page to show current Status
1/29/12 Tweaked 'How to optimize your experience of this site' page
1/28/12 Brought Newsletter page up to date through Newsletter #18


11/2/11 Activated Lottery Pool #17 as the current lottery
In between these dates, activated Lottery Pool #15 and Lottery Pool #16
2/1/11 Activated Lottery Pool #14 as the current lottery


11/2/10 Activated Lottery Pool #13 as the current lottery
10/23/10 Optimized home page and the links on the top line for viewing on the iPad
8/3/10 Activated Lottery Pool #12 as the current lottery
5/2/10 Activated Lottery Pool #11 as the current lottery. New format for page.
1/31/10 Added lottery statistics   
1/28/10 Activated Lottery  Pool #10 as the current lottery


10/31/09 Activated Lottery Pool #9 as the current lottery
9/6/09 Added headlines to all newsletter links, posted back issues
8/2/09 Activated Lottery Pool #8 as the current lottery
7/5/09 Polished Lottery Pool pages
4/27/09 Added Military Reunions Meeting page
3/21/09 Added 2009 Reunion Information
3/20/09 Reformatted Home Page. New table, more images.
3/19/09 Added Twitter gadget
2/5/09 Activated Lottery Pool #6 as the current lottery
1/17/09 Posted all back issues of USS Rankin News


11/5/08 Activated Lottery Pool #5 as the current lottery
8/2/08 Activated Lottery Pool #4 as the current lottery
5/5/08 Activated Lottery Pool #3 as the current lottery
3/12/08 Added viewable and downloadable copy of Newsletter #9
2/3/08 Added new Lottery page, made old one an archive page


12/23/07 Added "Rankin Song," "The Amphibious Sailor," and Newsletter #8
11/11/07 Finalized Lottery Pool page, linked to it from Home Page
9/15/07 Added Lottery Pool Page. Still under construction.
9/11/07 Added Newsletters
7/22/07 Discontinued online registration, deleted counter
4/28/07 Added "The Snipe's Lament"
3/13/07 Polished Deceased Shipmates
3/7/07 Added links to obituaries of deceased Captains
3/4/07 Reconfigured Crewmember Rosters and Shipmate Finder
2/25/07 Updated Shipmate Finder to include status of entire roster
2/21/07 Added Mailing Lists
1/28/07 Added 2007 Reunion Information


12/31/06 Updated list of Shareholders
12/18/06 After the board meeting, removed the notice
12/6/06 Added notice of 12/18 board meeting
12/6/06 Added page about tax exemption
10/29/06 Updated Navy Crew Lists paper
10/27/06 Added links to reunion web sites in 51 Years of AKA's
10/22/06 Added Wikipedia links to ship lists in 51 Years of AKA's
10/4/06 Add Marines and other passengers to Her Organization
10/1/06 Added home page link to shipmate profiles
9/26/06 Added reunion photos
9/25/06 Updated reunion information and list of Shareholders
8/13/06 Added much info about the upcoming Reunion
About 300 obituaries posted in the Discussion Forum
4/22/06 Updated Finances page to show incorporation and tax-exempt status
4/17/06 Posted Bylaws in the About Us section
4/12/06 Created Wikipedia article and linked to it from Other Interesting Stuff
3/17/06 Added 250+ short obituaries from Social Security Death Index
3/12/06 Added links to Burial at Sea and Veterans Burial & Memorial Benefits
3/3/06 added link to ML&RS, Inc's USS Rankin web site
1/26/06 Updated '51 Years of AKAs'
1/22/06 Added User Forum
1/20/06 Added SOS Recipe
1/17/06 Added financial information
1/9/06 Added page on Finding and Organizing Navy Reunions
1/4/06 Added page about Navy Logs in Verse


12/10/05 Added PDF of photos from Reunion 2004
12/8/05 Added names to 2005 reunion pictures, updated About Us
12/5/05 Added 2005 Reunion pictures and downloads
11/26/05 Updated and improved Shareholders list in About Us
11/24/05 Updated reunion info, added downloadable "How to Get Copies of Navy Crew Lists"
11/15/05 Added 20+ items to Naval Terminology: roach coach, vampire liberty, shore line, etc.
11/7/05 Completed the list of change of command dates
10/11/05 Added change of command dates in 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957
8/16/05 Added change of command dates in 1960, 1963, 1967, 1969
7/22/05 Added New Year's Logs book to Ship's Store
7/19/05 Added alternate airport information to Reunions page
7/6/05 - 7/10/05 Added shirts to ship's store, polished the page
7/6/05 Added Image Verification to the Guestbook
7/5/05 Added links to the attractions on the reunion page
7/4/05 Posted preliminary reunion schedule, added Image Verification to guestbook
6/23/05 Updated list of Shareholders, added patches and order form to ship's store
5/27/05 Updated list of Shareholders
5/26/05 Added Armed Forces Retirement Home to Other Interesting Stuff
4/12/05 Added Signal Flags Flash Cards to Other Interesting Stuff
3/18/05 Added Capts Harllee/Gabbert & Harmon/Howe change of command dates
3/6/05 Added photo of Captain Ferguson, polished reunion information
3/5/05 Updated About Us and Contact Us
3/2/05 Rearranged Other Interesting Stuff
2/27/05  Redesigned Guestbook
2/24/05 Repaired corrupt Guestbook
2/19/05 Added full obituaries for CAPT Harllee
2/18/05 Added From Sea to Shining Sea link
1/24/05 Added link to Library of Congress Veterans History Project


12/28/04 Added 2005 reunion information & a few more names to the reunion photos
12/12/04 Updated Shareholder list
12/4/04 Added some names to the reunion photos
12/2/04 Added reunion photos
11/12/04 Improved Ship's Store
10/14/04 Added Ship's Store page: 9 photos and a print
10/13/04 Polished and expanded "Other Interesting Stuff"
9/17/04 Added ribbon images and two additional awards to Honors and Awards
9/14/04 Added Photos to Her Captains page
Early September - Added Reunion Bulletin page, which is frequently updated
9/6/04 Added Crewmember Rosters
8/31/04 Moved many photos from New Items to main Photo Gallery
8/29/04 Polished the Photo Gallery
8/24/04 Added many new photos to New Items, moved others around
8/20/04 Added slide show to home page
8/17/04 Combined officer & enlisted rosters in Shipmate Finder. Added online Registration Packet.
8/16/04 Added names of people to whom Reunion Packets were sent
8/12/04 Added scrolling by name or first year aboard  to crewmember roster page
8/10/04 Updated "Where They Live" to show the 1100+ former shipmates in our database
8/1/04 Updated the Roster of Officers. Added 425 men to the Roster of Crew Members.
7/30/04 Added a Reunion Bulletin
7/2/04 Updated the Roster of Officers. Added 175 men to the Roster of Crew Members.
6/1/04 Updated the Roster of Crew Members. 200 men on it as of today.
5/3/04 Updated "Her Officers" to include those not found yet
4/18/04 Updated officer lists to include all officers ever on board
3/14/04 Added many new officers from 1953-1954
3/5/04 Added New Items section to Photo Gallery
3/2/04 Added photos from 1955
2/29/04 Added many photos from 1945-1946
2/25/04 Added commissioning photos from 59 years ago
2/21/04 Added keywords from all cruise books to index page
2/18/04 Technical: kept the cruise book search page from finding itself
2/17/04 Added many new officers
1/30/04 Special Keywords
1/26/04 Updated Roster of Crew Members
1/10/04 Added Paul Hopkins Obituary
1/2/04 Added "Where They Live Now"
1/3/04 Greatly updated Missing Officer List
12/17/03 Added reunion information


12/3/03 Updated Crew List - 12/4/03 Updated "About Us"
11/22/03 Expanded Naval Terminology by adding many terms from Bluejacket's Manual
11/6/03 Added 1968 Officer Photo to Photos of the Ship
10/9/03 - 10/24/03 Expanded and improved Naval Terminology section
9/30/03 Updated list of crew members
9/20/03 Added 1966-67 Jim Cusick photos and 1970 Cruise Book
9/17/03 Updated Missing Officers list, added officers from 1970 Cruise Book
9/13/03 Rearranged the Home Page, added several officers
9/11/03 Added 'How You Can Help Us', added Index links to Naval Terminology. Rewrote '51 Years of AKAs'.
8/9/03 Moved Photos of the Ship & Misc Photos to subdirectories, shortened their listings in Photo Gallery
8/8/03 Added Dick Mohun's 1960 photos, and photos from Deland NAS museum
8/6/03 Added site search, added searchable text to Cruise Books, etc., added and trimmed site map
8/1/03 Added registration forms for Officers and Crew Members
7/26/03 Added Crew Members page
7/24/03 Added 42 photos: "Gary Kortkamp Polaroids"
7/23/03 Moved Cruise Books to subdirectories. Users should not see any changes.
7/21/03 Added 46 photos from the ship's first cruise in 1952
7/20/03 Added "What She Was" - 7/19/03 Added tour of recent changes, officer map, three new photos.
7/16/03 Added Officer Location Map and sections for Captains and Missing Crew Members
7/14/03 Many new Missing Officers, two new photos
7/10/03 Updated List of Missing Officers - 7/6/03 Added Organization page
7/5/03 Put photos on About Us page - 7/1/03 Improved the "Optimize Your Experience" section.
6/24/03 Revamped "51 Years of AKAs" and associated pages.
6/22/03 Added L. Ron Hubbard info to "51 Years of AKAs" in Photo Gallery. Lots of other small stuff.
6/17/03 Added sound checks, etc. to Site Optimizer
6/13/03  Added 1953 ship's photo, made all linked sites open in their own window
6/12/03  Improved "Optimize Your Experience," made About Us & Contact Us compliant w/other pages
6/9/03 Further polished navigation in the Photo Gallery, changed color & style of many links
6/7/03 Added two photos, added Table of Contents to Photo Gallery, improved navigation
6/3/03 Improved navigation through the Cruise Books, added cover copy
6/1/03 Added many sounds and a few photos, combined some Landing Craft pages
5/31/03 Fixed bug that sometimes blacked out  links
5/29/03 added "51 Years of AKAs" to Photo Gallery - 5/28/03 added photos of WWII AKAs and WWII landing craft
5/27/03 added ENS/LTJG Del Osborn - 5/26/03 tweaked the photo gallery, added some photos & captions
5/25/03 added 1969 Cruise Book - 5/24/03 added Photo Gallery - 5/20/03 added nine WWII links to Ship's History
5/19/03 added to Ship's History, added 1959 Cruise Book, added three new officers

3/12/03 First publication of this site. Various improvements were made until this record of changes was started.

3/11/03 The last of the 28 officers from the 1963 San Juan photo is reunited with the group.
2/27/03 (approx.) George Berninger and Jack Raso joined the leadership team.
2/23/03 Skip Sander, John Feeley, and Bob Reynolds began to reconnect with shipmates.
2/63 A photo of USS Rankin officers is taken on a pier in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
10/31/44 Rankin's keel was laid in Wilmington, North Carolina